Attorney Profile

Jeffrey J. Quas graduated from Wayne State University School Of Law in 1988.  While attending law school he was employed full time as a clerk to the Honorable Steve N. Andrews of the Oakland County Circuit Court.  At Wayne State Law School he was awarded the prestigious jurisprudence award in criminal law.  Upon earning his juris doctorate degree, Mr. Quas took employment as a municipal attorney and prosecutor for the Cities of Birmingham and Rochester Hills.

Mr. Quas' patience, preparedness, knowledge and courtroom presence lead to his appointment as a magistrate with the 52-3 District Court a mere two years after graduation.  He held that position for eight years when he resigned to focus on his private practice.

Since 1989, Jeffrey J. Quas has been handling serious felony, domestic and traffic matters at a level that has earned him respect from fellow lawyers and judges alike.

The Constitution of our Nation and State
mandate that an individual is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Simply because an individual is accused of violating the law does not mean the pursuit of justice ends.  Should you need the assistance of legal counsel, make sure you retain a lawyer whose purpose is focused upon what is in your best interest...that is attorney Jeffrey J. Quas