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Have You Been Arrested Recently...

is your freedom on the line or your future at stake?

f charged with a crime, an individual's desire is generally not to seek media attention or inform others of their "situation". The hope for anonymity can be in direct conflict with some criminal defense attorneys desire to seek publicity and be "high profile".

Criminal Case

"Thank you very much for your help with our situation.  We greatly appreciate your efforts in our matter" - D.D.

Criminal Case
"Thank you so much for handling my legal case.  Avoiding deportation has allowed me to remain in the United States with my family." - R.M.

Family Law
"Thanks for all the help and support - being able to reconnect with my children has meant everything to me." - A.D.


From the time I began observing felony criminal trials as an Oakland County Circuit Court Clerk while attending Wayne State University Law School I realized hard work, preparation, common sense, knowledge of the law, the ability to think on your feet and a confident courtroom presence are the pillars of success for a criminal defense attorney. Cases are not won on the front page; they are won in a courtroom.

My clients have
obtained dismissals and not guilty verdicts for crimes ranging from Drunk Driving, Felonious Assault, Burglary, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Robbery, Possession and Delivery of Narcotics and Murder. If you are in need of an attorney to protect your rights and best interests, then please contact me.

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That is how I came about my calling - to provide defendants with a strong defense to protect your rights and freedom!